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7 Ways to Attract the Residents you Deserve!

Our estate managers have truly seen the good, bad and ugliest of tenants out there. Black Diamond knows what it takes to avoid such individuals. The truth is you are always going to get back what you give out. Many…

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Insight From the Experts

Our estate managers at Black Diamond would not have been able to achieve this level of success without remembering to do one thing: listen. Whether or not we agree with other’s opinions is not the point. The point is being…

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Common Myths and Real Estate Reality

‘Till this day, our seasoned estate managers continue to come across misconceptions in real estate. A lot of these misconceptions are preconditioned beliefs that society or members of the real estate industry have wrongly instilled in the minds of property…

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This Year’s Real-Estate Forecast

Here at Black Diamond we commit to keep our awareness at the highest level possible in order to provide the most useful information for our partners. Our team of estate managers are very excited for what 2015 has in store…

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Why Property Value is Rising and What that Means for You

Nothing excites us more than informing our fellow property owners of news that could potentially benefit their lives. Black Diamond Holdings have been diligently analyzing the homes for Sale in San Ramon and the Bay Area for years now. One…

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