We all want to get the most out of our investment. The housing industry offers so many tips and tricks on how to this but many of them fall short. A genuine property management company will tell you that there are no cutting corners in this type of business. If you want the best for yourself, you have to invest in yourself! As a homeowner, you must take the time and effort to collaborate with a supportive team of experts that will estimate the highest price you can ask for your home. A common error we see from property management services is overpricing and gradually dropping the price. Although this is an admirable way of going about it, landlords may miss out on possible buyers and delay the home selling process. Furthermore, tools such as Zillow Zestimate can never accurately price the value of a home. It doesn’t consider the features, upgrades, or the condition of the property. Technology has its limits. If you want to get the most accurate estimate of your property worth, you need human evaluation. You need to get a professional real estate agent that is historically seasoned in your area. You should know the median amount of days a property stays on the market in your region. Next, interview potential real estate agents and ask them how long it takes to flip their client’s property. Hire the agent who is producing the closest results to that of the market’s average. Make sure that they understand the concept of comparative market analysis (CMA) and know how to conduct one on your property. The trick to selling your home for top dollar is to strategically price it. A good property management company will know not to overprice or lowball anything. By following these steps listed above, you will surely get your home sold for the best ROI possible. Source: Inman