In all actuality, many of these traditional housing models are starting to fade away. One approach that immediately comes to mind is commission. A lot of home sellers have emphasized the disadvantages of percentage-based property management. Originally, the commissions of realtors were dictated by percentages. Although usually no more than ten percent, the commission from a sale is than split between the housing agents and sellers. How this split is distributed fluctuates with each project but is usually set in stone prior to the marketing process. Regardless of this established percentage, conflict still arises. Black Diamond wants to offer a solution on how to sell your house without the hassle. Flat fees are pretty simplistic to understand. Rather than nitpicking over the exact percentage, we provide all of the necessary services at a fraction of the cost. We spent countless amounts of time figuring out how we can more efficiently benefit our customers. We figured that flat fees would more suitably accommodate to clients’ financial means. We also determined that by offering flat rate services, the home seller could still make a reasonable return from their investment. Rather than having them fret over what to compensate based on how much the house was sold for, they pay a nominal fee instead. This reduces the risk and maximizes their profits. In addition, homeowners will still be promised high quality services. Many property management companies only provide based on what you spend. At Black Diamond, we feel that our customers deserve the best and bypass such implications. Therefore, every customer receives equal amount of care and spends a lot less money in the process. Our clients can vouch on its cost effectiveness and recognize the advantages of flat fees. In this day and age, traditional housing models are not meeting the preferences of many homesellers. Consequently, Black Diamond has adjusted to this challenge with convenient flat rates for customers.