Not all property management companies are created equal so before you dive in head first, let’s break down some essentials to be aware of. The first thing that you should pay attention to is whether or not the representative(s) have a website. A website says a lot about an organization’s commitment to their career. There are an abundance of property managers and property management companies that, instead of building a personal website, are part of internet archives that list the company name and contact information. Although this strategy is useful, if a company is not willing to work on a personal website, how hard do you think they’ll work at selling your home? billgatesquote Another important thing to look for is credibility. We always recommend clients to ask home owners about their experiences with property management companies and which ones they would recommend. Word of mouth never goes out of style and consumers are often brutally honest about their encounters. If talking with people isn’t your cup of tea, than you should definitely look for reviews online. Read the feedback and view the overall ratings of companies. Don’t be surprised if there are mixed reviews but just focus on the overall scores. If any company has a rating of 3 ½ stars or less, it’s probably not worth the trouble. Still, whoever you decide to go with is completely up to you. When you start calling around, make sure to ask them about their accomplishments and a portfolio of success stories. If they seem caught off guard by such an inquiry; look elsewhere. credibility Lastly, always pay attention to their overall mode of operation. Make sure to stay clear of “snakes in the grass.” A property management company should never attempt to speed up the deal-closing process. If you at any time feel pressured to work with them, turn the other way and run. Seriously, a genuine company puts the interest of their customers first and will never try to force anything on you. Don’t get this confused with ambition, if representatives are more focused on getting paid than selling your home, it should immediately be a no-go. Black Diamond values the treatment of customers and considers them to be more like family. Believe us, those are the type of people you want to do business with. bizguy