As many of you already know, California is going through a severe water shortage. Recently, the small town of Porterville ran out of water. Emergency support has come in the form of water bottles and public showers. Experts agree that if this drought is not properly managed, it could very well result in apocalyptic-like scenarios. Policy-makers and state legislators have dramatically regulated the consumption and uses of water throughout the Golden State. Lawn maintenance represents more than 33 percent of municipal water use. This has narrowed the focus of mandates to restrict the amounts of water used for such activity. Property management companies and homeowners are now attempting different methods to reduce water consumption. drought Bay Area homeowners have not been hit as hard as Los Angeles, but face continual reductions in water usage. Places like Sonoma, Antioch and Benicia are just a handful of places experiencing this. Property management companies foresee restrictions intensifying and encourage homeowners to look into alternative landscape options. As we travel to different regions and explore various neighborhoods, artificial grass is popping up everywhere! It seems as if everyone is attempting to do their part in conserving the consumption and usage of water. turf A current article in the New York Times reported that artificial grass manufacturers are exploding with new clientele. The article interviewed a recent customer and she claimed the embarrassment of having a fake lawn no longer bothered her because, “Everyone wants to do their part and be more water conscious.” Indeed, people recognize the situation and are adopting more effective solutions. Purchasing this material doesn’t come cheap, costing $8-15 per square foot. Nonetheless, if you look at how this one time investment eliminates years of water bills and upkeep; perceived losses can be put into perspective. Selling a house with artificial grass boosts the value and narrows your target audience. You will most likely attract people who don’t want the responsibility of a lawn and/or those seeking a more ecofriendly household. Before making the decision to go turf, check with your property management company to ensure artificial grass is allowed in your neighborhood. With the growing problem of water shortages and a desire from people to improve the environment, artificial grass is in demand. Hopefully, this option will become more affordable later down the line. hammock Source: Red Fin