A lot of property management companies express their devotion of quickly selling a house but not all of them truly deliver. There are countless reasons why the job doesn’t get done. But instead of looking at the reasons why it can’t be achieved, Black Diamond would like to share the opposite. We want to show you that it can be done. We will provide you with the necessary formula on how to sell a house in 30 days or less. Whenever this gets brought up around new clients, they give us looks of disbelief. We assure them that a goal like this isn’t far-fetched; in fact it’s highly plausible. for_sale_sold Of course the market, season and economy play a role so there can only be estimates. Through our experience, the average time it takes for a home to get sold is between 1-3 months. The month of March 2015 had an even higher dose of “madness” with the average time on market being 30 days or less. As many of you already know, the housing demand is high in the Bay Area and setting your date of sale only a month in advance is not unrealistic. This buying frenzy continues to run rampant throughout the bay. Homeowners should collaborate with property management companies and take advantage of the market. For those that are reading, here’s what you can do now to initiate the process!

  1. View the property and objectively evaluate its characteristics. You have to look at it from an outside perspective and critically analyze its condition. Make sure to modify any parts that will attract buyers and boost value.
  1. Study the facts and learn the local statistics of your region. Make sure to take note of common sale prices and competition.
  1. The last step is to seek assistance from professionals. For the love of goodness, don’t try to embark on this mission yourself. If you take a look at recent For Sale By Owner statistics you will see why. Homes get sold for almost $50,000 dollars more with the help of a property management company. Our property management company has years of experience, precise focus and effective marketing. We have no sentimental attachments to the home and can objectively point you in the direction for success, every time!buyer_magnifying_glass