There are many property management companies to choose from but none come close to Black Diamond Holdings. We pride ourselves at offering personalized customer service to our clients by going above and beyond expectations. This is why we started this blog. We had a vision of giving back to the people who demand accurate real estate knowledge. This topic is a little bit different. We just listed a new property online and want to provide an in depth description.  Consider this a sneak peek into your potential future home. monticello This 3 br 2 bath stretches 1530 square feet and is stationed in the colorful Maxwell Park region. This neighborhood is in the foothills of Oakland, home to middle class residents and emphasizes a strong community network. It has been known for its panoramic views where visitors and home owners alike overlook sights of the San Francisco bay. Maxwell Park is also notoriously known for its nice weather. It has been deemed East Oakland’s one and only “warm belt.” The home itself is surely a perfect reflection of the neighborhoods beauty and culture. The mesmerizing brown exterior blends in with the bark and shaded shrubs of the front yard. Upon entrance, visitors are welcomed with a spacious well lit living room and bamboo flooring. The kitchen comes equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and granite countertops. It also includes a specialized breakfast nook for morning meals times. The bathrooms have a modern set up with a hint of vintage array. In addition, new carpet has been installed in every room. Lastly, the backyard has an enormous patio perfect for summer get together’s. This exquisite set up coupled with the neighborhood’s historical background makes this home an ideal choice. For more information on this listing and our property management company, please visit here. Source: Wikipedia