We still cannot believe the number of clients who don’t know how to text or effectively navigate the internet. We ask them, “How do you expect selling your home in an era dependent on technology?” We are often met with shrugs or comments like, “I know I should use it more.” There is some type of subconscious resistance to stepping out of the comfort zone and learning new things. Technology seems complicated but most of it has become so user-friendly that even children know its operation. Many technology updates are simplistic which require very little know how. Others are more complex and may require professional installation. The truth is that the presence of technology is only going to increase so optimizing your home with the latest features will dramatically impact its value. From convenience to comfort, there is not much that technology cannot provide for a home. run_from_tech Property management companies encourage homeowners to invest in energy efficient equipment such as solar panels. These types of technology can make a major impact on your home life and reduce expenses. There are instant returns from this investment because users are generally only charged for “net energy” consumption. Reflecting knowledge of social and environmental issues says a lot about your values and is admired by customers. solar_panels Another modern feature is fully automated households. Imagine being able to lock the door, turn the stove off and even close the blinds with a single remote or smart device. These are for the buyers who demand luxury and are willing to invest in a home with robust capabilities. tech_house Safety is a priority for many homebuyers, especially small families. Home security has been around as an advanced precaution for decades. However with new regulations and ease of accessibility, home security is becoming much more common. From surveillance, burglar alarms, smoke, carbon monoxide and flood sensors, experts emphasize its importance. You can also personalize the system based on your preferences. For example, you can set the curtains to close and shut during certain times of the day. devices_for_the_home In brief, technology is becoming widely accepted in housing markets. Buyers are paying close attention to homes that are optimized for contemporary times. Technology is not only the future, it is our present. Look at technology as a gift and utilize it to the fullest! Source: C-Ville