Meeting life’s expectations involves us all to assume roles. For example I am a father, son, husband, student, teacher and businessman. Navigating these roles with hopes of pleasing everyone is simply not realistic. I do not have enough time, energy or resources to manage business and relationships by myself. This is why I, along with members of Black Diamond, strive to collaborate strategically. Strategic collaborations between marketing agencies, writing associations and real estate bureaus are just a few examples of the relationships we have formed. These strategic partnerships make our job easier and give us more time to focus on customer needs. partnership Property management companies generally don’t want to spend money on a service they can do themselves, so they take on too many responsibilities. These responsibilities take away from things that matter most like superb customer service and an honest value for integrity. Now, how does this is all apply to you? As a proprietor selling your home without the assistance of a professional property management company, you are prone to become overwhelmed. Believe me; we see it all the time. It is these types of overwhelmed businessmen that are equally resistant to make the change. smile_to_hide Consider how much more time and energy you can save by investing in outside assistance. You will now have more time to focus strictly on your passion of fixing and flipping houses. You don’t want to fill out paperwork, manage emails, do accounting and answer the abundance of around the clock phone calls. No, spend time doing what you love. Imagine all of the family events you can attend now that your schedule is freed up. Visualize all of the time-consuming administrative tasks handled for you while consistently making sales. This is the “missing link” to business and is something that is reintegrating itself into the market place. The strategic partnership with a property management company increases efficiency, reduces time-consumption, and allows you to work smarter rather than harder. happologist_quote