During the process of selling a house, a lot of prospects ask about the quality of the bay area’s school districts. We always assure them that if they do a little research, they would feel confident in the bay’s aptitude for academics. Beings stationed in a region filled with academic opportunities is a huge advantage for home sellers. Property management companies know that buyers are strongly attracted to areas of reputable school districts. Families are prioritizing for their little ones and good education is a prime objective. Northern California has the highest percentage of elite public schools out of all of the major metro cities in America. Twelve of the fifty highest performing public schools are located in Northern California. This makes Northern California have the highest number of leading schools out of all the other major metropolitan areas. Three native public high schools have been listed in the top ten for highest student achievement. grad-cap   Annual home prices in these regions continue to rise and the ones that are known for phenomenal school districts heighten even further. Santa Clara County has the top four public high schools in California. Home prices in this county have risen over twenty percent since 2014 and there not the only one. Los Altos has increased by 15 percent and Palo Alto by over 20 percent. Santa Cruz, Cupertino and Saratoga’s median home prices have all increased by over 20 percent. San Jose has the highest increase of over 25 percent with its local Lynbrook High now the best performing school in California. There is certainly a correlation between the price fluctuation and academic capability. Selling your home in an environment as such boosts the value and secures the future of the buyer’s children. Knowledge is a prime value of Black Diamond Holdings which is why we take advantage of living in a scholastically supreme housing market. growth_blocks Source: Niche