The San Francisco Bay Area has always been known for its fantastic site seeing and artistic attitude. People have come from every corner of earth to experience its cities and view the neighborhoods. Despite the flamboyant allure of metro traffic, real estate has always been the “prized gem” of this territory. There is nowhere that comes close to the social dynamic of these beautiful boroughs. It’s easy to understand why value and demand of the Bay’s real estate has steadily increased. Bay Bridge Our property management company, Black Diamond Holdings, not only values the scenery of our soil but acknowledge that our clients deserve the best. While other property management companies are just out to make a quick buck, we incorporate elite customer service designed to accomplish your goals and further your understanding of real estate. With that being said, let’s take some time to consider the facts. The fact is selling a house in the Bay Area has recently broken records. Efficiency of the home selling process has toppled peaks of limitation making this region the most rapid moving housing market in the U.S. It’s true; houses are being sold quicker than marshmallows melt into a s’more. Out of the thousands of Bay Area homes put up for sale in February 2015, less than 30 percent of them are still on the market. This means that over 70 percent were sold within two months! tieredhomes Dozens of our customer comrades were shocked to remove their “For Sale” signs within days of initially putting it up. This is a sharp contrast to other cities that still have 70 percent of their homes up for sale. Furthermore, the Bay’s most prominent cities: San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, are now the top three fastest-moving regions in America! There’s nothing we love more than selling a house for an owner while simultaneously supplying a home to a buyer. Ensuring that both parties gain the most from their experience is a top priority. Black Diamond Holdings knows how to simplify the practice of home-selling so our customers virtually automate transactions. We know exactly what to do, how to do it and when it should be done. So if at anytime our property management company hears the question, “How can I sell my house?” we just tell them to give us 10 percent of your trust and we’ll earn the rest.   bdh_logo Sources: BayAreaMLS ShortSaleWashingtonDC SFGate