Black Diamond Holdings is a group of seasoned estate managers that love to inform our clients on the windows of real estate opportunity. We have homes for sale in San Ramon along with properties stretching to every corner of the SF Bay Area. As we discussed in a previous blog, the future of real estate is looking bright in 2015. With almost a 7 percent increase in new listings and property value on the upsurge; it is great to see the demand for homes following closely behind. According to a trusted real estate advisory group, the number of home tour requests has risen by nearly 50 percent. So really think about this; regardless of the increasing home prices throughout the bay area, the request for homes continue to rise. This means that property owners should not only expect the highest return from their investment but will have little difficulty finding buyers. Black Diamond is ecstatic at these numbers and urge our clients to jump on this occasion while it is at its peak. Of course, we have observed increased housing demand in the past. But this year has been different. As soon as 2015 started, the level of interest from customers has been jaw-dropping. A corresponding development from new property listings makes this year one of the largest in terms of potential for growth. Our team hopes you are excited as we are because opportunities like these don’t last forever. Check out the illustration below to get a better idea.customer Source: Red Fin