A lot of property owners and potential homebuyers do not bother to inquire on the environmental risks of a household. Not only is it the ethical thing to do, it is the safest strategy for bringing people “in the know” about a home’s habitat. Our estate managers are required to obtain this information so potential buyers and sellers know what they are getting into. It is not uncommon for properties to have some type of hazard anywhere you move to in California. Properties for sale in Dublin may be near naturally occurring asbestos zones or homes for sale in Oakland may be in airport influence zones. It is important that prospects are aware of these risks so they can coordinate what works best for them and their situation. It’s also mandated in the State of California that property owners disclose these risks to the public. If buyers or sellers want to research these hazards for themselves, we would recommend navigating the State of California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) Hazard Mitigation Portal. This platform allows users to type in an address or a zip code and the potential hazards will display for that area. This is an effective tool that many of our clients claim is extremely easy to use. Additionally, property owners could provide what is called a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report (NHD). This report is a lot more in-depth and there are even third party companies that offer these for a nominal fee. These companies also offer an insurance policy if they were to accidentally overlook or misrepresent potential hazards. With these tools, you should be able to make the best decision on where to purchase your home. It is always recommended that buyers and sellers protect their property through insurance programs and defensive upkeep. Black Diamond wants to do what’s best for the environment and our customers. By staying conscious of the risks, we make the most informed real estate judgments for you and your family. Source: Sac Real Estate