Have you found yourself thinking, should I sell my house? Should I talk to someone or should I buy a book on how to sell my house? Should I just fix my house and make it my dream home? Deciding whether to sell or renovate your property is one of the hardest decisions to make. Should you add a few updates on certain sections of the house or just sell as is? Is it really worth putting all of this work into a property or is it better to just move onto the next? Such answers are dictated by the your needs and preferences. If you choose to renovate your home, it can be extremely rewarding. But before you morph into Bob the Builder, there are a few factors to consider. The first thing you need to do is tour your home’s faculties and critically assess its characteristics. These observations should last at least six months so you can monitor your home’s response to changing climates. For instance, if a room gets too much light during the day you may decide to change its role from a family room to a den. You may even find it more effective to get specialized drapes to dampen the light. Sometimes simple alterations are the best choice. The next step would be to imagine your home renovated in its entirety. You can accomplish this by viewing remodeled properties in person or online to get a vivid picture of your vision. You can also bring a rough outline to home improvement retailers and they could provide a digital transcription. This step is essential because you don’t want to get halfway through a remodeling project to discover it is not as you imagined. If it is something you still want to pursue, make sure to get an appraisal from a renovating expert. Lastly, you really want to make sure that renovating your home is worth the investment. Calculate the expense/profit ratio and choose the best course of action. Talk to homeowners about their remodeling experience and ask estate managers for their input as well. The more you learn and plan, the less likely you will take a loss. Source: Red Fin