Change is the only thing that’s promised in this existence and real estate is no exception to the rule. Well, the game hasn’t changed too much but the strategies surely have. Our estate managers continue to adapt in order to be the most effective for our clients. Let’s take a look at this evolution and highlight some key factors in this transition. The most obvious change is the method of finding a property. Back in the day, prospects would search in the newspaper or real estate brochure. Today, almost 100% of consumers browse online for a home or facility. They could simply type in something like: “Homes for sale in San Ramon” and thousands of results pop up. This has simplified the process and gives users much more selection to choose from. Another aspect that is different from the past is marketing. We remember cold calling for hours on end and traveling door-to-door. Today, our company is focused more on brochure/flyer distribution to heavily populated areas interested in real estate. There is also a lot more focus optimizing websites to ensure a top result on search engines such as Google. These changes in marketing has revolutionized our approach and allowed more time to focus on the needs of customers. Thirdly, the presence of brokers and real estate agents has grown exponentially. In the past, buying and selling was a lot less complex and required little to no mediation. Now it is common to see agents handling the majority of work from finding clients to closing the deal. The subject of loans has also changed over the years. Loans are a lot more obtainable than in the past and interest isn’t as high as it once was. Lastly, offer presentations have moved from formal documents to innovative instruments designed for growth. Because added parties are involved with deals, presenting an offer has become much more strategic. Black Diamond Holdings is a property management firm with offices in Oakland, Vallejo and Brentwood. We are committed to bringing fundamental traditions of real estate in unity with the changing demands of the industry. Source: Lake Gaston