Black Diamond Holdings have stumbled across a unique transition taking place in Bay Area’s real estate. Our estate managers have discovered immense changes happening around the world due to the continual push for globalization and foreign investments. In result, a lot of buyers from overseas have set their sights on homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. This presents a huge opportunity for property owners seeking to expand their international network. A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors reported that foreign buyers accounted for over $90 billion worth of U.S. home sales in 2014. This was a 35% increase from the year before and the numbers continue to climb. China held the highest dollar capacity of foreign transactions at almost 25%. In California alone, over 60% of customers from overseas come from Asia. Northern California buyers tend to choose a home in San Francisco, the Peninsula or parts of the East Bay. Bay Area home owners claim that Chinese customers tend to pay in all cash; about 60% do. But why would all of a sudden there be a surge of Chinese investors willing to pay above the asking price in all cash? It is mainly due to the mass accumulation of wealth in China. In 2013, the country’s number of millionaires increased by over 50%. A lot of these elite businessmen and women intend to expand their resources in a country that is more democratic such as the U.S. They also want their children to attend an Ivy League University which is why many of these buyers choose a home in top school districts. A lot of these clients were previous factory owners who are purchasing old auto plants in Detroit or Iowa. However, many of them would prefer to live elsewhere so they buy a home in the Bay Area. Overseas shoppers may be organizing a real estate investment firm and purchasing a home in the Bay Area is just the beginning of this venture. There is also the possibility that the Chinese are participating in the EB-5 program which permits aliens to acquire a green card by starting a U.S. business. Whatever the reasons may be, the demand is there and it is our responsibility as real estate investors to deliver! Leading real estate companies such as DeLeon and Pacific Union are campaigning towards Chinese prospects. They have implemented advertisements in Asian newspapers and even financed a tour bus for Chinese clients to view homes in parts of the Bay Area. Homes for sale in Oakland and surrounding areas are now becoming the centerpiece for foreign investors. Black Diamond wants you to take advantage of this opportunity and acknowledge that diversity is the key to success. Our firm will take your property for sale in Hayward and the SF Bay Area and attract the highest spending, most reliable and easiest to manage buyers this world has to offer; guaranteed. Source: SF Gate