Here at Black Diamond Holdings, we know that it is the little things that make the biggest difference. Our estate managers constantly witness home owners invest too much and get reciprocated too little. This is why we find it imperative that people think outside the box and do the most with what they have available. This does not require massive renovation or hefty spending plans. This requires attention to detail and willingness to innovate their real estate. Creativity consists of a bare-bone budget which in all actuality; is more than enough. We would like to share some useful tips and tricks on how to boost your home’s value without putting your pockets on a diet! The first thing to remember is that instead of adding another room, owners should consider redesigning one they already have. After all, a crafting room or baby nursery are very attractive and exclusive features that could be easily created from a dusty den. Another useful strategy is to develop multiple seating areas. A plain patio can turn into a relaxing rendezvous with the help of outside furniture and tables. An alternative approach to kitchen upgrades would be to repaint the cabinetry. A fresh coat of paint not only rejuvenates the home’s essence and fascinates the buyer’s attention but will save you tons of money in the long run. Something else to consider is to group potted plants with colorful flowers and shrubberies. You may have to modify the type of plant depending on the season but these seeds will eventually blossom into rich and wholesome attractions. We recommend lining up pots of plants around the borders of a walkway/terrace for an elegant allure. Another option to bear in mind is storage space. Storage means a lot to buyers and it’s equally important for homeowners to use their household efficiently. Even the smallest of closets can be turned into resourceful storage areas. Also, a significant strategy to showing your home is to remove sentimental possessions from view. You don’t want to turn off buyers by reminding them of the fact that you still own the home. Instead, remove personal items and allow the inviting museum affect to manifest. This enables viewers to easily envision the house as theirs rather than being distracted by objects they may not agree with. Another idea is to make the inside of your home shine…literally! Make sure to polish countertops, faucets and every feature of the kitchen. If you can’t get your home to reflect that right sparkle; consider purchasing fixtures that possess those characteristics. Lastly, we would strongly advise to update lighting and ceiling structures. Doing this will make your home appear modern and cutting-edge. So whether you have a property for sale in Oakland or have a flat fee listing in San Ramon, contemplate how you can upgrade in the smartest way possible. Black Diamond does not want to see any of our home-selling comrades falling victim of overdoing their household features and biting off more than they can chew. Source: Forbes