Here at Black Diamond Holdings, we specialize in making the home selling process as simplistic as possible. Property for sale in Oakland and surrounding areas fluctuate in value and there are numerous factors involved with the sales price of a home. In the past, real estate commissions were dictated by percentages. Once the home is sold, the purchaser and vendor would share this percentage. This conventional method is nothing less than a headache. It is a meticulous procedure that often time leaves both parties with less money than anticipated. Forming a percentage does not guarantee that you will receive the desired dollar amount. This is because estate managers may not truly know the value of the home and sell it for less than what it’s worth. Or even worse, they may overprice it and the home becomes a sitting duck in the pond of property advertisements. We hear of so many real estate agents that don’t possess the appropriate tools to evaluate the worth of a home and how to go about selling it. You don’t want to get in over your head with property managers that don’t really know what they’re doing ethically. Black Diamond has diffused such an issue by offering a flat fee for all homes sold. This rate is established before your property is even listed and does not go off of a percentage. Instead, it identifies the exact amount of commissions you will receive regardless of the final sales price. This way, there will never be unexpected surprises once the home is sold and reduces the chance of disappointment. We make sure that your property is listed on popular websites that only allow pre-qualified buyers to bid on your home. We have a strong system of realtors and agents that ensure to get your home sold in the least amount of time with the highest return rates possible. Black Diamond Property Management is an elite real estate group dedicated to homes for sale in Dublin and immediate regions. Click here to learn more about our exclusive flat fee listings and get your home sold today!