Black Diamond continues to bring the most powerful suggestions for our clients and real estate comrades. Our estate managers understand that as property owners, it is imperative to get the most back from your investment. We also acknowledge that it is equally important to establish a long-term commitment of the buyer’s obligation to pay rent on time and in full. This boils down to the initial sale of the home itself. This transaction sets the tone for what the future profit holds. In order to sell your home, all it takes is a few planned maneuvers.

  1. Setting a Reasonable price

Let’s say you have a property for sale in Dublin. Identify the value of your property and price it 20 percent lower than average. Your inbox will be blown up by eager prospects ready and willing to take the bargain. One thing will lead to another and before you know it, the chosen buyer will purchase it for more than what it’s worth. This move is somewhat psychological and partly strategic. It’s a bold move that many avoid but is one of the most effective methods to selling a home/property.

  1. Less is More

Don’t spend too much on updating the faculties of your property. Make investments that will get you the most back. Don’t get so caught up in making big improvements that you miss the small stuff. We see this a lot with owners attempting to make short sales. Repainting the property is affordable and boosts the attraction of buyers. Replace the curtains and fix all of the doors. Make sure nothing is leaking and most importantly; clean the grout!

  1. Make the Best Impression

Remember that there are more than enough properties to choose from on the market. If customers do not get a good feeling from your presence, trust and believe they will take their business elsewhere. So in brief, make your prospects like you! Think of ways that you could accomplish this. Most of it is just common courtesy but you’d be surprised how many owners turn off clients by keeping it too “business.” Source: HGTV