Our estate managers have truly seen the good, bad and ugliest of tenants out there. Black Diamond knows what it takes to avoid such individuals. The truth is you are always going to get back what you give out. Many of our clients attract these troublesome tenants because they do not conduct themselves professionally. All of our homes for sale in Dublin and the Bay Area lure the most reliable residents because we know how to “scare off” the untrustworthy. This permits a greater peace of mind for our clients while saving them energy, money and hassle. 1. First Impression Matters It is a very simple concept: treat your prospects the way you would like to be treated. This means dressing and speaking professionally at all times. It also means showing up as scheduled and returning calls within a reasonable time frame. These business qualities mean a lot to serious prospects and if you do not put forth effort to show that you’re serious; they will take their business elsewhere. You need to show your customers what the standards are by reflecting them in your own behavior. 2. Determine Your Audience You can often determine who your ideal tenant is by pinpointing all of the things you DO NOT want from a resident. If you want the occupant to not disturb surrounding neighbors; then perhaps an older couple is your ideal demographic. If you do not want a mess in the household; than a pet-free tenant seems more up your alley. It is important to establish who you want so you do not attract the opposite! 3. Attract the Audience Through Strategic Advertising Now since you’ve determined the audience; you must now market your properties in areas where the ideal candidate(s) will look. It is not practical to place advertisements at a church if your audience is college students. It may be more beneficial to advertise online and on school campuses. 4. Hold an Open House Never agree to individual arrangements. You will have so many people not show up nor call to notify their whereabouts. It just sets you up for disappointment and wastes your time. Open Houses attract the more professional and serious candidates. 5. Be Upfront Never be afraid to tell customers your expectations and what the articles of the lease agreement consists of. Be firm and assertive with your standards and kindly reject anyone that you feel may cause a problem later down the road. Short sales are great but we want long-term relationships more than anything. Don’t just settle for any fish in the sea! If something about a prospect doesn’t feel right; cast your line elsewhere. 6. Install Alarm Systems Safety comes first and this is something that you should emphasize with your potential tenants. A lot of homeowners do not even install required alarm systems. If you do not make your prospects feel secure than they will not feel safe working with you. 7. Be a Good Businessman; Not a Friend There’s two parts to the real estate business: real estate and business. Being friendly is one thing but only to an extent. If you get too close with your residents they will try to take advantage of you. Be professional and handle business. Establish a healthy business relationship and keep it that way. Source: Active Rain