Here at Black Diamond we commit to keep our awareness at the highest level possible in order to provide the most useful information for our partners. Our team of estate managers are very excited for what 2015 has in store because the market trends are certainly leaning in our favor. There has never been a better time to have property for sale in Oakland, San Jose and surrounding areas of the bay. According to the experts, our region is now listed as the #1 real estate market in all of America. This has a lot to do with the exponential number of job growth it has inherited within the past year. In most counties, job development is beating population growth more than five to one. San Francisco and San Jose has done this by over three percent and the East Bay by a little over two percent. Indeed, economic growth and employment opportunities are vital characteristics for strong real estate opportunities. San Francisco and Marin County will offer a narrow number of newly constructed properties. Because of the element of affordability within this region; the amount of terminated escrows will continue to fall. In the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa prices will continue to appeal for those seeking affordable homes. However, this does fluctuate from one neighborhood to the next so buyers will have selection to choose from based on their preference and financial circumstances. The Peninsula and San Mateo County are so closely involved with technological business firms that they continually deflect economic challenges. The average income, growth in employment and cost factors of this region will continue to lower yearly closed escrow. Similar to the Peninsula, Silicon Valley held its innovation at the forefront of harsh economic times. Employment in technology fields remain to keep this region’s value of homes higher than other areas of the Bay Area. The market trend with the most potential has been discovered among luxury homes. This category has been the top two percent in all five regions and continues to grow. Simultaneously, rental markets have displayed a great deal of capability with average income of the Bay Area varying below or above $100,000. Rental options are another sector of real estate that continues to attract many Bay Area residents. So whether you are seeking property management in Oakland or have a home for sale in San Ramon; Black Diamond establishes a trusted partnership, engaging experiences and proven results. We look forward to what this year presents to your family and business.