Nothing excites us more than informing our fellow property owners of news that could potentially benefit their lives. Black Diamond Holdings have been diligently analyzing the homes for Sale in San Ramon and the Bay Area for years now. One thing is for certain: property value of homes have tremendously increased. More importantly, the number of homes being sold is on the rise as well. According to CoreLogic Analytic Data, over 7,000 Bay Area home sales were made in December alone. That was up nearly 25% higher than the month before and almost 15 percent more than December of 2013. The sales of homes have fluctuated between 7-8,000 properties per month and continue to rise. The counties who have seen the most growth since the end of 2013 were Marin and Contra Costa. Simultaneously, the median price for a home has risen in all areas of the region. Marin County median sale prices have increased over 20 percent. Estate manages and property experts indicate that these signs encourage a pretty robust sale season. The biggest trend in bay area real estate has been the growing optimism among property owners and landlords that have waited patiently for the perfect time to sell. The demand is there and the prices are just right. Take a look below: Santa Clara, $800,000, increase of 16.8 percent. San Mateo, $880,000, increase 4 percent. Alameda, $600,000, increase of 7.1 percent. Contra Costa, $440,000,increase 7.3 percent. San Francisco, $975,000, increase of 9.4 percent Source: San Jose Mercury Almost equally important to the “what’s” are the “whys” and it’s interesting to understand exactly the reason behind this property shock. Since 2012, the Bay Area has been experiencing a bubble that endures growth and keeps on climbing. For the past 30 years, the time amid a recovery and bubble pop has lasted an average of 5-7 years. We’re barely jumping into the 3rd year which means property for sale in Dublin and surrounding regions will all get a slice of this wealth. It is important to recognize this chance and take advantage before it’s too late! Black Diamond Holdings are here for you and would hate to see you not open this window of opportunity. So in all sincerity, let’s keep it movin’. Housing Market Cycles   Source: Paragon Real Estate Group